Olivier, a sports leader at itiwit

An interview with Olivier, a sports leader and product manager at Itiwit for the canoe-kayak hybrid family


Who are you?

"Since I was very young, breathing fresh air has been a basic necessity for me, incapable of doing sports inside, I am passionate about all types of outdoor sports and I’ve spent my life in or on the water. Since 1998 I have had an oar or a paddle in my hands every day. I joined Decathlon in 2010, where I worked in the stores in Lyon Part Dieu train station, in Bron and in Grasse. I then joined the French Human Resources team to support the store network in Alsace Vosages Belfort and Domyos in Lille. I joined Itiwit in 2018, managing the Canoe-Kayak hybrid product provisions. In 2021, I became the product manager and Itiwit Canoe-Kayak hybrid team leader"

What do you do at itiwit?

"Product Manager and Itiwit Canoe-Kayak hybrid Team Leader"

What do you like about kayaking?

"The connection with nature, the feeling of escape and freedom. The simple fact of being outdoors and enjoying magnificent views from the water. Sailing, gliding and travelling down the water are all still unique feelings!"

Your fondest memories

"The Lake Annecy tour as a team with incredible weather, breathtaking colours, it was magical and a wonderful shared moment"

Your favourite itiwit products