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Product plus point
An inflatable Stand Up Paddle 10'x31"x3" made of reinforced woven dropstitch with double stringer for greater stiffness and a grip rail for tighter turns. To take it everywhere with you.

User benefits

The most stable SUP surf in the range thanks to its large dimensions: 10'x31"
Glide performance
Semi-rigid square rail to improve the flow and grip in the waves
2 reinforced polyethylene & woven dropstitch stringers to increase rigidity
Compact design
Dimensions folded in the bag 90x35x20cm
Easy transport
8.5kg board and backpack with foam straps
Easy assembly / dismantling
Inflates to 17 PSI in 3 minutes (140 litres)
Impact protection
Inflatable structure absorbs shocks during falls or collisions.
Carrying comfort
Retractable carrying strap for easy inflated transport on the way to the spot

Technical card

Main fabric : 70.0% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free, Main fabric : 30.0% Polyester Carry bag : 100.0% Polyester Foam : 75.0% Polyethylene, Foam : 25.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
2 years
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Storage advice
Store deflated, flat and out of sunlight, after first removing the fin and leash. If storing inflated, release some of the pressure and store in a flat position without any load


Inflated shape and dimensions
The ITIWIT SUP SURF 10' is a "round pintail" SUP longboard ideal for fans who like making soft elegant curves in the waves. Length: 10' (305 cm) Width: 31" (79 cm) Thickness: 3" (7.5 cm) Volume: 140 litres Board weight: 8.5 kg
Recommended user weight
Recommended user weight: Less than 60 kg: The ideal board for easily starting out Between 60 and 90 kg: board suitable for intermediate level Over 90 kg: board reserved for advanced users
Assembly and disassembly of the fins
Assembly in "2+1" The fin in the centre is the largest (ref: 8576512) and the 2 side fins (ref: 8502106) are smaller. The assembly ensures maximum stability and directionality. "SINGLE" assembly: Only the largest fin (ref: 8576512) is installed in the centre. This assembly enables greater manoeuvrability. Remember to remove the fins once you are out of the water. If possible, rinse the fin base before and after use.
Inflating & deflating the Stand Up Paddle
INFLATION Make sure the valve’s orange button is up (closed), by pressing on it. Connect the pump. Inflate to 17 PSI. The more inflated the SUP, the more stable it is and the better its movement. Disconnect the pump and close the outer plug. DEFLATION Firmly push the valve’s orange button to let the air out. Do not put your face near and stay back. Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valve to remove all the air.
Transport Strap
Once the SUP is inflated the transport strap can be adjusted to the "WALK" position during transport. Before going surfing, put the strap in the "SURF" position and lock it, using the Velcro fastener. Available in after-sales service from a workshop in the event of loss or breakage (ref: 966556).
Folding the board
Empty all the air from the board Start folding up from the fin base, following the dotted lines to avoid damaging the base. Stop halfway and start a second folding beginning from the valve side (wallet folding).
Carry bag
BAG CONTAINING THE FOLDED SUP: Height: 90 cm Width: 35 cm Thickness: 20 cm These dimensions leave space for the pump and paddle. Interior pocket and compression system included
Maintenance tool
NEVER UNSCREW THE VALVE WHEN THE SUP IS INFLATED! RISK OF INJURY. If the valve leaks, once the SUP is deflated, close it a quarter turn using the tool provided. It is possible to change the valve if necessary, please contact the workshop of your Decathlon store.
In the event of a hole in the structure, it is possible to repair the SUP with the cuttable repair patches and a high-pressure resistant MEK glue. We have a stand-up paddle board repair kit, reference 8512384.
Always wear your leash to stay attached to your board if you fall. It’s best to attach it to your ankle, but it can also be attached to the knee. Remove it and rinse after each use.

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