130 kilometres of paddling surrounded by the magical scenery of the Dordogne, through 4 departments, the Dordogne Intégrale is the longest paddle race in the world!! The Itiwit team rose to the challenge because it was a perfect way to test the 12'6 Explorace inflatable stand-up paddle boards...and also a fantastic experience...


Inflatable for easy travel

You can't beat inflatable stand-up paddle boards for hassle-free travel... How else could you fit 4 SUPs, 7 paddles, all of your camping gear and 3 people in one car?!

The second benefit of Itiwit 12'6 Explorace inflatable SUPs is their resistance to wear and impact on rivers with rapids...

Team Itiwit was able to calmly make it to the finish without any breakages! 


350 athletes and amateurs met at the start point on 27th May

And this year, for the first time, around one hundred SUPs joined the canoes and kayaks.

All with the same goal: to reach the finish line 130 kilometres downstream in less than 15 hours.

The brave souls set off at dawn in a very friendly atmosphere which would see participants offering one another plenty of advice and support along the way. The most important thing was to make it to the end!

In team Itiwit, 2 kayaks and 9 SUP boarders (including 1 female) set off, paddles in hand!


The first 30 kilometres of rapids to negotiate

Departure from Argentat at 6.30 am to follow the Dordogne valley to Castelnaud-la-Chapelle.

In the first 30 kilometres,  there are some Class I and even Class II rapids to get down. Kayaks pass through easily but it is much more difficult for the SUPs; rapids are taken on their knees or even lying down if it's a big one!

Buoyancy aids are mandatory and leashes forbidden for SUPs to ensure total safety of the participants.


A route with stunning scenery

The Dordogne valley is a magnificent natural site where you can see castles and other historic attractions from the river.

This is not a place to paddle like crazy with your head down, you must also enjoy the scenery, which is what makes this race one of a kind.

The river calms down as you follow it downstream; the rapids give way to calmer water where it is not uncommon to overtake bathers taken aback by the armada invading the river.


Regular breaks throughout the event

L'équipe Itiwit avait tout prévu : camelbag pour s'hydrater régulièrement, barres énergétiques, fruits secs, le tout dans des sacs étanches solidement arrimés sur les planches ou dans les kayaks.

Mais l'organisation avait aussi pensé au confort des participants : des pauses étaient aménagées tous les 20 kms afin de permettre à tous de souffler, de reprendre des forces pour réussir à rejoindre l'arrivée. Les plus motivés s'arrêtaient le moins possible afin de ne pas perdre de temps...


and in the end, all of team ITIWIT were winners!

Nicolas, our kayak engineer, finished 1st out of the Itiwit kayak team in 10:41.

Itiwit achieved 3 Explorace 12'6 inflatable stand-up paddles in the 3 top spots of the "inflatable SUP" category.

Anne Sophie, product manager at the TRIBORD SURFING brand, finished in 13:16!

Team Itiwit made it to the finishing line. They all left with memories of an incredible adventure and even stronger confidence in the Itiwit products that "did their job", and are now asking which new challenges they will be able to take on next...