With their compact design, durability and stiffness, inflatable stand-up paddle boards are winning over more and more users, whether for recreational use, touring, or even racing and surfing. All of these models with Dropstitch construction require a high inflation pressure, which makes a pump an essential accessory. Itiwit is here to tell you about the different types of pump currently available on the market. These pumps feature a pressure gauge to ensure optimal inflation for the stand-up paddle (minimum 15 psi or approximately 1 bar).

#1 Single action high-pressure hand pump  

This is the simplest version and you can inflate a stand-up paddle with it but it will take time (10 minutes) as it only pumps air when you lower the handle. It is generally found in entry price all-inclusive packs (SUP + pump + paddle). Please note, considering the pressure required to properly inflate an SUP (minimum 15 psi or approx. 1 bar), the final pump strokes are more difficult than the first. You will need to use your body weight over the pump to be able to push down the piston to counter the resistance.


#2 Double action high-pressure hand pump

The single-action pump has evolved in the last two years: this model pumps air on both the up and down strokes. This reduces inflation time by 30%. However, since lifting the handle is more difficult than lowering it, a system lets you switch back to single action to finish inflation, using force only when pushing down the handle when the pressure increases. This switch to single action means inflation takes longer but is less tiring.


#3 Triple action high-pressure hand pump

Take a double-action pump with a single chamber and add a second chamber to pump twice as much air with each stroke. This gives you the fastest hand pump on the market (30% time saving compared to a double-action pump). To adapt to the increase in pressure and the increased effort needed to inflate, start with double action on both chambers when the pressure is low at the beginning of inflation. Then when it becomes too tiring, turn the dial to single action on two chambers and then finish on single action on a single chamber, requiring less effort and lengthening the inflation time a little.


#4 High-pressure electric pump

If you do not think that manual inflation is a good warm-up for stand-up paddle boarding or if you simply find it too difficult, get yourself an electric pump that plugs into a car cigarette lighter. Set the pressure you want on the dial, press "on" and within 10 minutes your SUP is automatically inflated to 15 psi (if more pressure is required, check that the electric pump can reach it, otherwise you will have to finish inflating with a hand pump). It is usually necessary to leave the engine of your car running during inflation so as not to drain the battery. Some electric pumps can also operate on rechargeable batteries but they can cost more than €200.