50N Buoyancy vest Pockets for canoeing and kayaking

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A comfortable vest thanks to its adjustable straps. Equipped with front pockets to keep all your accessories close at hand, and a back pocket for a 2L water bladder (not included)
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4.37 / 5 144 ratings

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EN ISO 12402-5 standard 50N buoyancy vest
Multiple compartments
With front pockets to carry all accessories within easy reach
Easy hydration
Pocket for 2L water bladder (not included). Tube loop in the strap.
Ease of use
2 adjustable shoulder straps and 4 adjustable side straps
Tear-resistant fabric.

Technical card

Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester Foam : 60.0% Polyethylene, Foam : 40.0% Polyvinyl Chloride Buckles : 100.0% Polyoxymethylene Webbing : 100.0% Polypropylene
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Atlantic Pirogue, our “kayak and SUP” technical partner offers this vest for kayakers wanting to head out on long outings.
Used during the Dordogne 2018 descent by kayak and stand up paddle board: 1 day, 130 km travelled. Selected for its comfort thanks to the strap adjustment and the flexibility of the foam.
2 years
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Storage advice
Store on hanger after drying.
Use restriction
You must be able to swim.


Be careful to choose the vest that's right for your build:
The vest is adapted to the size of the user and the level of buoyancy corresponds to their weight. Size 40 / 60 kg  Size 60 / 80 kg Size > 80 kg

Users reviews

4.37 / 5 144 ratings
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  • Man
    20-29 years old
    07 December 2020
    Use since 3 to 6 months
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    Far far too big

    I weigh 70kg and found the 60-80kg variant to be absolutely huge. Far far too big for me. Tried the 40-60kg as well and that would only fit with the straps done up as tight as possible. Pockets are all very convenient though!

  • Man
    +60 years old
    08 September 2020
    Use since 1 week or less
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    Much too big

    I picked the >80 kgs size because I'm 87 kgs, but it's far, far too big for me, and the straps won't tighten up enough. I'm only 34 inch waist (87 cms). The buoyancy pads stick out badly and get in the way. Might just about be ok if it had a crotch strap to stop it riding up, but even then, the side flaps (which are padded) stick out and get in the way. I'd trade it for the next size down, but they've sold out. I should have read the other reviews - it's a common problem. Very disappointing.

  • Man
    +60 years old
    13 July 2020
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Atractive price and functionality but......

    A potentially great product spoiled by inexpensive, easy-to-fix issues. I went to a Decathlon store to try this out and like other reviewers I found that the "Large" size is designed for "the Michelin Man". I weigh 73kg, 178cm tall and think I am pretty normal in proportions. I could not adjust the item for a snug, safe fit because there is simply too little adjustment available. I tried the "Medium" size and that was a much better fit but has a recommended maximum weight of only 60kg - so probably not up to the job.

    I found other significant flaws when opening the zip pocket across the chest. Firstly the fabric and the zip are both lightweight and, as a result, when you try to open the zip one-handed it often snags. This didn't happen on every jacket I tried and only then in one direction. When it snagged, the only way to open it fully was to use two hands - obviously not ideal when you need to keep hold of your paddle. Secondly Decathlon seem to be having a (stupid?) penny-pinching, cost-saving binge on zipper tags. If you are paddling on a cold day with numb fingers on the sea, you will want to be able to quickly and easily find the zipper tag and pull it open. However the zips on this jacket have been fitted with a small, flimsy loop of cord that has no "lump" to get hold of. It's a waste of space and probably saved them less than 30p / garment. I found the same useless cord loops fitted on the Decathlon spray cags, which I liked and bought 2 of (2x£30). When I got home I promptly ordered 4 decent zipper tags on eBay for £3.50. I recommend the cags, not the BA.